Erie 4th of July...  

Disclaimer :
This event was, to the best of my knowledge, accomplished by trained
professionals; at least that is what they kept telling me.  Burning and or
moving a piano is dangerous.  Do not attempt this activity at home or
anywhere else for that matter... 

Anyone that has known me for a long time is aware that I enjoy a good, OK,  large beach fire... And yes, we have had a few big ones.  So relative to my fire scale this bonfire on Lake Erie was not all that big, but this fire did have a Piano  in it which was a first, at least for me. Apparently this is somewhat of a family tradition and, strange as it may be, as a guest I felt obligated to honor it.    
          The Piano was "purchased" from a ski area bar in New York and was transported via

          truck to an undisclosed garage near Lake Erie.  We arrived just in time to help load it on a
          trailer and move it to the beach with an ATV.  


       Perched just inside the firepit the out of tune piano sat on the beach in the fire pit for several days awaiting the 4th.  Beach walkers would give some pretty strange looks; some would stop and play a tune or two...  It even collected art work.        


On the evening of the 4th, after an all day party and great meal it was time for the big event...    

               After applying just the right amount of EPA approved fire starter...
               they touched off the fire using a small Trebuchets.

              This "tradition" involves playing the piano for as long as possible, while it is on fire.

               The tune didn't last long...

                The rest of the evening was spent singing songs (and drinking) around the fire...  


                                                     The next morning, twisted metal was
            all that remained. In the best east coast tradition all the metal was removed from the 
            beach (after it cooled off two days later) and recycled.  


             UPDATE:  As it turned out the bar at the ski area in New York opened later in the
                            fall and noticed the piano was "missing"...  
                                        <--  This man is wanted for questioning. 
            He is described as 5'8 about 55 years old, driving a red possibly Italian sports car
            with a 5 foot Trebuchet in the trunk.  If approached do not be concerned, but it is
            highly recommended that you lock your doors and hide your piano.      

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